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Spiritual Reading Are you interested in knowing some specific information? Or, do you want to talk about a variety of topics? Perhaps you’re unsure what you want but you know you want something? If this is the case, then you would benefit from a spiritual reading with me.

We are all connected to spirit. But – as with anything in life – the more you practice and “lean in” to your gift, the more you get out of it. I have been reading my entire life; this means I am very in tune and I can quickly ascertain the issues, concerns, and questions that pertain to you and your life. Many times, people who read or say they can read, will get you on the phone and begin by asking you question after question, groping in the dark for information, hoping to hit upon why you called. I can guarantee you that when you talk to me, that will not be the case.

I do not need cards, birthdates, or any other outside information, in order to read for you. Therefore, when you are preparing for your reading, just think of it as a conversation. You can come with specific questions or you can come with an open mind and heart, ready to listen.

Please note that I can give a lot of information even in a 15 minute reading. However, longer readings will allow for more information and conversation to take place. Keep this in mind as you decide what appointment length to book for.



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Please send an email request. We will reach out to you and discuss what type of coaching will be best for you.

About Us

Please fill out the contact form requesting to be put on our class list or a private teaching session. We will contact you back with available dates and times for scheduling.

About Us

Please send an email request or call to schedule your reading. Generally your reading can be scheduled within the same week. $11.00 per minute

About Us

$11.00 per minute. A fee of $45.00 will be charged. Please text “emergency reading request” to 773-320-0187. You will be contacted to start your reading immediately. If Spiritualist Donna is in a reading at the time you will be next in line for your reading.

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That requires Donna to travel to you will incur an additional cost which will be calculated based on mileage. Please call or fill out the form to schedule your appointment. Rates will be determined based on your needs and the amount of time you are requesting.

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